Tuesday, February 7, 2012

First half moon mani

Hi lovelies!

Sorry for my lack of postage lately.. I have no good reason really, besides wanting to just spend time with the boyfriend before he goes on a month long sailing trip for military training.  I've just been avoiding the computer pretty much :)

This is a mani I did last week.  It was my first attempt at a half moon mani, and I haaated it lol.  I'll have to try again, but I think I just didn't like the colour combination I used.  Something just didn't seem right about it, anyway.

I think I might have preferred it if I had covered up most of the light pink instead of covering up the darker shade.  Because the accent nail is the one I loved the most!
I used a base of Color Club - Hot Like Lava which is sooo pretty on it's own.  Then stuck on the hole reinforcement stickies and put a coat of OPI - Steady as she Rose, and covered that up with Revlon - Starry Pink.  I really like Starry Pink, but I feel like it doesn't really suit my skin tone very well.  (Side note:  I remember in my early polish blog reading days being confused about that statement, that a polish just 'didn't suit their skin tone' and I thought it was totally absurd.  Now I understand, haha).

Moving on.  My accent finger was done using 2 coats of starry pink, and I added OPI - Metalic 4 Life on top.  I think that combo was super cute!

And then to cover up a few mistakes I added some silver polish around the half moon part.  Blech.

Color Club - Hot Like Lava
Revlon - Starry Pink
OPI - Metalic 4 Life
Milani Nail Art - Art of Silver

Thanks for looking :)


  1. it looks good! dont be so hard on yourself. i just did my 1st half moon earlier in the week too! not as easy as it looks!

  2. i ABSOLUTELY love this mani... I agree though... it's not as easy as u think!

    also i have tagged u in an 11 questions tag on my blog if you wanna join in :)) x


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