Saturday, April 28, 2012

Retro Mani

Hi all!

I was feeling inspired the other day and came up with a mani that I totally fell in love with!  I went 'stash shopping' and used some polish that have been sitting there collecting dust for a little bit :P

I used a base of Joe Fresh Pineapple on all nails, then used OPI Dim Sum Plum for the dots on the index finger, the base for the roses, and as the top layer of polish on the ring finger (done with striping tape).  OPI Pink Friday was used to fill in some dots on the index and ring finger, and to finish the roses.  Color Club Not for Kelly and Twiggie were used for the leaves.  Twiggie was also used to fill in some dots on the index finger.  All polishes were also used to sponge using plastic wrap (seen here, but I can't seem to access the blog post with the tutorial).


I'm pretty pleased with this, I know my roses could use a bit more practice but for my first try I think they turned out quite well.  And I LOVE the plastic wrap sponging technique, it's definitely fun to do!

Thanks for looking :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

The one with Pretty and Polished

Hi all!

Here are two polishes that I purchased from Pretty and Polished

I started off with two coats of Essie - Marshmallow, and 2 coats of OPI - Meep Meep Meep for the accent, then added two coats each of Pretty and Polished Jawbreaker and Swing on the accent.

I don't normally like white nails, but Jawbreaker was gorgeous!  It isn't stark white so it didn't clash with my skin tone, and application was flawless.  The only glitter I wasn't able to get was the large red square glitter that I see in the bottle, but none appeared on the nail.  No biggie.  

Swing on the other hand was a bit tricky to apply.  It's a gorgeous red jelly but the glitter is pretty sparse and I did have to go fishing for it.

Still, it's too beautiful to not bother so I'll definitely be using both of these again :)

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Orly's Royal Navy & Luxe

Hi lovelies!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Here's a mani I did a while back for when I picked up the mr. from the base after his return from a 5 week trip at sea.  I basically copied exactly this mani from a fellow polish blogger in my little corner of the world!  I love it, so I had a go at it myself.

I started with a base of the very beautiful Orly - Royal Navy, then painted diagonal french tips using Orly - Luxe.  I went over the 'seam' with a gold glitter striper polish, then using 3 sized dotting tools dotted Luxe on the base.

Quick and easy and as soon as the mr. seen it he said "aw, it reminds me of the Navy!"  Mission accomplished!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bright Stripes + Cute cat

Hi loves!

Quick post to show you my latest favourite mani:  Bright freehand stripes using mostly Color Club poptastic polishes that I just found at Winner's.

The base I used was CC Pucci-licious, this gorgeous and unique to my collection blue toned mauvey purple.  I then added random free hand stripes in CC - Twiggie (green), Poptastic (pink), Cold Metal (dark blue foil) and Lumen-Icent (light blue foil), and a black nail striper polish.

It's so pretty :)  

And now, this is what happens EVERY single time I take photos of my manis.  Maybe I'll start posting these photos because they make me smile.  This is my cat Swift.  He's extremely curious and follows me everywhere, and always sits there and talks to me or gets in my way when I'm trying to take pics of my nails.


Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Random Dances with Cinderella

Hi all!

I'm a little late on the Cinderella bandwagon, but here in Canada we very rarely get the new Sinful Color displays, so I certainly didn't have high hopes that we'd get Cinderella.  However, I walked into a random Lawton's then I hardly ever go to and.. there it was, all by itself, so I quickly snatched it up and it certainly did not disappoint!

3 coats of Sinful Color Cinderella, with an accent of Orly - You're Blushing, a beautiful light purple taupe creme polish.  I topped the accent with NOPI - Make a Commet-Ment and Dollish Polish - Random Dancing, my new favourite glitter!

Then the next day I found the new Wet n Wild Coloricon Display and bought 4 of the 5 polishes.  I can't remember what order I put these on or what is on what finger (sorry!), but they looked GORGEOUS over Cinderella.  

Sinful Color - Cinderella
Orly - You're Blushing (NOT colour accurate)
NOPI - Make a Comet-Ment
Dollish Polish - Random Dancing

WnW - Born Into Priviledge
WnW - Jewels for your Highness
WnW- Speak When Spoken To
WnW - The Crown is Mine

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Skittles

Hi lovelies!

I can't believe it's been this long since a proper blog post.  I have no proper excuse for my absence, either.  Just avoiding the computer once I get home from work :)

So!  Here are the skittles I did for Easter weekend.  I kept it simple since we were away and I just brought polish and nothing to do art/stamping with.

This was so simple and I absolutely fell in love with it.  It was so bright and fun!

Essie - Navigate Her
Essie - A Crewed Interest
Essie - Play Date
China Glaze - Lemon Fizz
L'Oreal - Club Prive

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, April 16, 2012


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I promise to update soon!  I'm sorry I fell off the blogging bandwagon but I have a ton of manis to post and catch up on :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Flowers

Hi lovelies!

I realize I've been a bit MIA.. I'm just starting to get over being sick.  Bleh.

This is a mani I did before the germs consumed me, I wanted something playful and girlie :)

I used Orly Artificial Sweetener as the lighter pink, and Orly Purple Crush as the darker pink.  I stamped with Essie's Go Overboard using one of the Bundle Monster plates.

I added a few small rhinestones to the accent nails, and filled the flowers with OPI's Need Sunglasses, NOPI My Sleigh's in the Shop and the two Orly used as the base colour.

I was so pleased with this mani, it was so light and girlie  :)

Thanks for having a looksie!