Wednesday, December 14, 2011

31 Days of Christmas: Christmas Tree

Hey guys!

Today's challenge was Christmas tree!

Sally Hansen - Lacey Lilac
Sinful Colors - San Fransisco

I used a nail art brush to pain on the pinkie and middle finger trees, index and ring finger were dotted on, and the thumb I used a stamp from You Mix Cosmetics.. I like how the freehand trees turned out.. they were so simple and I just dotted on random colours for ornaments!

Hope you're all enjoying December, it seems to me as though it's FLYING!

Also side note:  I likely won't be able to do many more days of the challenge as we'll be away this weekend to my in-laws before the boy and I fly to Ottawa to visit my family for the rest of December.  Boo! 

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

31 Days of Christmas: Angels

Hi ladies!

Day 13 of the Christmas challenge asked for Angels.  I have an angel wing stamp I thought of using but decided to try my hand at actually free-handing it.  Ha.  I'm funny, I'm not even close to anything artsy.. it turned out okay.  It looks a bit rough around the edges, but it's obviously an angel ;)

Essie - Chinchilly (base)
OPI - Teenage Dream (glitter on base)
Sally Hansen - White On (Angel Dress)
OPI - Designer de Better (Angel wings)
NOPI - Miss Independent (face)
China Glaze - Lemon Fizz (hair)
GOSH - Gold (halo)
Milani Nail Art - Black (eyes and feet)
Not in the picture: OPI - Houston we have a purple (mouth)

Funny, right?  She has no arms lol, and her face looks like a 1 year old painted it :P  I just had to laugh at myself and decided the remainder of my fingers would get halos only. Way easier that way.  Hope everyone else has better luck than I did ;)

Thanks for looking!

Monday, December 12, 2011

31 Days of Christmas: Reindeers/Rudolph

Hi everyone!

Today's prompt was for reindeer nails.  I did a quick search on pinterest and found these.. they're SO cute.. so I replicated what I seen.  It was simple and something my non-artsy self could pull off.  I'm so happy with the way this mani turned out :)

Orly - Au Champagne (base)
OPI - Meep Meep Meep (polka dots)

I painted all nails with Au Champagne, a gorgeous frosty white, and with a medium sized dotting tool added all of the Rudolph noses to the index, ring and pinkie finger.

Rudolph was done using acrylic paint in black, white and brown and small paintbrushes, and I used a larger sized rhinestone for his nose.  He was so cute :)

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

31 Days of Christmas: Christmas Wrapping

Hi girls!

Christmas wrapping huh?  Well.. I've done the next 3 'challenges' and I guess you could say I was feeling uninspired since only one of them is to my liking.  But!  I wasn't up to redoing any of them so they'll be shown anyway :)

OPI - Designer de Better
GOSH - Flying Dragon
Quo by Orly - Celestial Star
GOSH - Gold 
These were used for the base.

Revlon - Jelly (fairies)
Joe Fresh - Ink (bow)
Milani Nail Art - Art of Silver
Milani Nail Art - Purple Outline
Color Club - It's a Hit

They did not turn out at ALL like I wanted lol.  I put fairies on my index because all I have for Christmas wrapping paper right now is Disney Fairies paper.. I'm a HUGE Tinkerbell fan, and when I seen a package of these at Costco I couldn't resist.  So everyone gets Tink & friends wrapping paper for the holidays... for the next 5 years :)  The paper is much cuter than my index finger is haha.

Middle finger I went simple and added a cute bow stamp.  Ring finger.. well.. I should have looked up plaid tutorials LOL.  And pinkie finger, you can't go wrong with glittery wrapping paper :)

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

31 Days of Christmas: Festive Red

Hi lovelies!

December 10th already!?

Today I have my most festive red.. kind of.  I cheated a little bit and just made it festive ;)

Orly: Ma Cherie

A super bright red jelly that's SO pretty.  It definitely says Christmas to me.. but I felt it needed a little bit of embellishment...

OPI - Gettin' Miss Piggy With It

Just a touch of glitter thrown in there makes it even more festive!
And then because I just couldn't stop myself from using new glitter I just got...

Color Club - Take the Stage

I love how the red and gold compliment each other.  Very holiday appropriate, I would say!  :)

 Thanks for looking!

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Friday, December 9, 2011

31 Days of Christmas: Festive Green

Hi lovelies!

Today's Christmas Challenge asks for my most festive green.

Well.  I'm a fairly new polish collector.. but I believe this green is from Orly's last year's Holiday collection.  Regardless.. I present you what I consider to be the most festive green in my polish collection:

Orly: Meet me Under the Mistletoe.

This green is so pretty!  I love the lighter green shimmer in there.  
And because that wasn't festive enough, I layered on some glitter.  Not a new combo in this blog but I loved it so much that I had to replicate it again:

Orly:  Meet me Under the Mistletoe
OPI: Fresh Frog of Bel Air

The lighter green glitter over the dark green base is soo pretty!

Hope you guys like it.. this combo just screams Christmas :)  Thanks for looking!

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

31 Days of Christmas: Snowflakes

Hi ladies!

Today's prompt for the Christmas nail art challenge is snowflakes!  I had previous done a snowflake mani.. and I was tempted to re-use it but I think that would have been cheating ;)

Now if only mother nature could bring snow to the Canadian East Coast I would be one happy lady!  Winters here seriously suck compared to winters back home in snowy northern Ontario.  Anyway!  Pictures:

I made the accent to look like snow fall.. or so that's what I had in mind.  It just looks pretty and glittery instead.

What I used:

Orly - Fowl Play (base -- was on a no buy, found this at Winners 2 days ago.. showed the mister and he goes "oh shit ya you're getting that!" haha)
Revlon - Not so Blueberry (base for accent finger)
Sally Hansen - White On
China Glaze - Lorelei's Tiara

Stamped the snowflakes using BM14 and RA-119 (side note:  Red Angel stamping plates are amazing, and cheap on Amazon)

Thanks for looking and don't forget to see what the other ladies came up with for their snowflake manis:

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

31 Days of Christmas: Candy Canes

Hi lovelies!

Day 7 of the 31 Days of Christmas challenge called for Candy Canes.  I really like how this mani turned out despite a few things I'll get to after the photos:

OPI - Pepe's Purple Passion (base)
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - White On (base & candy cane base)
OPI - Wocka Wocka (candy cane stripes)
OPI - Animal-istic (bow on middle finger)
China Glaze - Holly-Day (candy cane stripes)

There you have it!  I actually like how this turned out a lot.  For the white striped fingers, I did a tape mani.. my only wish would be for the lines to be flawlessly straight.. instead they're a little wobbly.  And I smeared some of the red while applying top coat.  And I wish the bow on my middle finger was a more opaque, in-your-face kind of colour.  Other than that.. I love how this turned out.

So cute and festive and.. good from a non-macro distance haha.

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Monday, December 5, 2011

31 Days of Christmas: Wreath/Garland

Hi lovelies!

This is only my second mani from the Christmas Challenge, but I'm trying!  I have an exam on Tuesday then I'm done with classes for good, so I should be able to keep up for a little bit after that.

Day 5 asked for Wreath/Garland nails.  This is what I ended up with:

Revlon: Mistletoe (base for all but pointer finger)
Revlon: Aloof (pointer finger)
China Glaze: Lorelei's Tiara (silver garland)
Nicole by OPI:  Orna-ment for Each Other (red garland)
China Glaze:  Holly-Day (base of the wreath)
China Glaze: Twinkle Lights (dots on wreath)
OPI - Animalistic (dots on wreath)
China Glaze - Some like it Haute (dots on wreath)

My right hand is sporting nubs.. It's my dominant hand, and my nails are in ROUGH shape.  I think it's cute though :)   Also, who would have thought that taking pictures with my left hand would be so awkward?? haha.    Hope you all like the mani, and thanks for looking.