Monday, December 5, 2011

31 Days of Christmas: Wreath/Garland

Hi lovelies!

This is only my second mani from the Christmas Challenge, but I'm trying!  I have an exam on Tuesday then I'm done with classes for good, so I should be able to keep up for a little bit after that.

Day 5 asked for Wreath/Garland nails.  This is what I ended up with:

Revlon: Mistletoe (base for all but pointer finger)
Revlon: Aloof (pointer finger)
China Glaze: Lorelei's Tiara (silver garland)
Nicole by OPI:  Orna-ment for Each Other (red garland)
China Glaze:  Holly-Day (base of the wreath)
China Glaze: Twinkle Lights (dots on wreath)
OPI - Animalistic (dots on wreath)
China Glaze - Some like it Haute (dots on wreath)

My right hand is sporting nubs.. It's my dominant hand, and my nails are in ROUGH shape.  I think it's cute though :)   Also, who would have thought that taking pictures with my left hand would be so awkward?? haha.    Hope you all like the mani, and thanks for looking.

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