Thursday, December 8, 2011

31 Days of Christmas: Snowflakes

Hi ladies!

Today's prompt for the Christmas nail art challenge is snowflakes!  I had previous done a snowflake mani.. and I was tempted to re-use it but I think that would have been cheating ;)

Now if only mother nature could bring snow to the Canadian East Coast I would be one happy lady!  Winters here seriously suck compared to winters back home in snowy northern Ontario.  Anyway!  Pictures:

I made the accent to look like snow fall.. or so that's what I had in mind.  It just looks pretty and glittery instead.

What I used:

Orly - Fowl Play (base -- was on a no buy, found this at Winners 2 days ago.. showed the mister and he goes "oh shit ya you're getting that!" haha)
Revlon - Not so Blueberry (base for accent finger)
Sally Hansen - White On
China Glaze - Lorelei's Tiara

Stamped the snowflakes using BM14 and RA-119 (side note:  Red Angel stamping plates are amazing, and cheap on Amazon)

Thanks for looking and don't forget to see what the other ladies came up with for their snowflake manis:

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