Saturday, July 20, 2013

Born Pretty Water Decals review

Hi all!

I'm back today with another fun Born Pretty Store review :)  I've been seeing so many fun manicures lately where water decals were involved, and they've all looked really cute and super easy so I thought I'd give them a try.

For this manicure I started with a perfect nude polish, OPI - My Vampire is Buff, then opted to do a funky french using China Glaze - Too Yacht to Handle & Sun of a Peach.

Once that dried, I cut up my cute little moustache decals found here (although I can't find the exact decal sheet that I have, the one I was sent was solely different shaped mustaches), soaked them in water for about 10 seconds, then using tweezer I carefully peeled them off the backing and placed them onto my nail.

Using a tiny piece of paper towel I blotted off the excess water, let that dry then topped it off with top coat.

These water decals are SO easy to use.  My initial thought is that they would be super delicate and they'd fold on themselves but none of that actually happened.  I was even able to move them around on my nail until they were where I wanted them to be.  I absolutely love love love these, a quick and easy form of nail art.  If you're on the go or just don't feel up to spending that extra time and effort on a fun mani, this is definitely the way to go!

  Born Pretty store has a bunch of fun water decals for you to choose from here, and shipping is free world wide!

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Dots & Bows (BornPretty Store Review)

Hi all!

I have another review today for cute little nail art accents from Born Pretty Store.

I chose these cute resin bows.  I love seeing manicures that have these adorable bows, they give nails such a girlie feel to it!

To make it even more cutesie I paired the bow with a simple dotticure:


I started with a base of China Glaze That's Shore Bright from the Sunsational collection, then alternated between China Glaze Too Yacht to Handle and Sun of a Peach for the dots.  Then using some nail glue I stuck on one of the bows.  On my other hand to test out the difference I stuck it on with top coat.

As much as I loved this look.. the bows didn't stay on for very long at all.  Maybe because my nails are too curved and the back of the bow is pretty flat?  The bow stuck on with top coat fell off maybe an hour later, but that may have been my fault as I forgot about it and ran my fingers through my hair.  And the one stuck on with the glue fell off in my sleep so it probably got caught on a sheet.

Not the best quality picture but you can see how much the sides of the bow stick up off of my nail.

Regardless of the bows falling off super fast I will still use them.  Maybe for a special occasion or a night out where I'm okay with my mani only lasting a short little while.  They're just too cute to pass up!

These bows retail for $0.99 and shipping from Born Pretty is free world wide!

You can also get 10% off your next purchase using coupon code UTL91:

**Product provided for my consideration and honest review.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

China Glaze Fancy Pants

Hi all!

Yikes, it's been a little while since I last wrote a blog post.  While I want to be sorry, I'm not really :P  I'm in my home province, spending a whole lot of time with my very big family.  The passed weekend we had our annual family horseshoe tournament and this next weekend we celebrate my grandparents 65th wedding anniversary.  How crazy is that?

You'll notice that I have a new nail shape.  I'm not sure how much I like it yet, but in the last few months I picked up a few new hobbies, one of which is hula hooping, or hoop dancing.  And because of it I've broken SO MANY nails.  So, I'm trying this out and see if they'll stop snapping every time the hoop hits my hand.

Right now I'm at home working on my thesis so I took a bit of me time.  I had two huge nail fails yesterday, and I'm not super happy with this current mani but what can you do?

This is China Glaze Fancy Pants, a beauuutiful blurple with amazing shimmer.  On my middle and pinkie finger we have dots and stripes in Essie No Place Like Chrome.

My index and ring finger have this gorgeous glitter that I don't use nearly enough, Icing Written in the Stars.

I'm holding my hoop in the last two pictures.. how pretty is it?!  It's made out of heavy PVC piping though, which is why my nails have been snapping.. Maybe once I actually get good it won't happen so much ;)

Happy belated Canada Day to my Canadian lovelies, and Happy early 4th of July to my American loves, hope you celebrate(d) with those you love the most :)