Monday, February 13, 2012

Black and Pink

Hi darlings!

Okay.. so V-day is around the corner, and I did want to do valentine inspired nails, I just.. I stared at my stash, wondering just what to do with my nails, and I really just wasn't feeling the baby pinks and the reds and so, this is what I ended up with.

I admit.. I adore wearing black nail polish.  And since I have a pretty dark complexion, it actually doesn't look half bad on my skin tone.  And black and pink?  Those two colours make me swoon.  I have a lot of black and pink 'things', hair included!  Anyway, this is what I ended up with.  Black nails with a gorgeous pink glitter I had yet to wear.  This is one of those manis I can't stop staring at!

And, yes, because Valentine's Day is so soon, I added kissy stamps as an accent.  There's too much overlap though so it just looks like smudges, but it was a nice try regardless ;)

The base is OPI - Black Onyx, and I used Icing - Glitterati for the glitter gradient.  It has gorgeous fuchsia hex glitter, and holo micro glitter particles.  It's such a gorgeous glitter polish!

OPI - Black Onyx
Icing - Glitterati

Hope everyone has a lovely Valentine's tomorrow.. My love is out at sea for the next month, so I plan on getting cozy at home, sipping on tea with my kindle in hand.  Not such a bad way to spend the day :)


  1. This is beautiful...I love black polish too!!

  2. Black and pink! Love it :D Enjoy your day tomorrow!

  3. This is so PRETTY! Love it! The Icing bottle reminds me so much of CG bottles. Anywho BEAUTIFUL mani!

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