Saturday, February 18, 2012


Hey all!

So.. today's Spring Challenge was water marbling, and because I'm super intimidated with it.. I'm skipping it.  Gasp! 

But instead, I have my first 'cloudicure' a la Nailside.  I LOVE this mani.  I keep reapplying polish as the tips wear because I want it to last as long as possible :P

This was initially going to be a pink polka dot mani for the spring challenge, but I started it, hated it, removed it and ended up with this.  I used Revlon - Aloof as the base except for the accent which is OPI - Sparrow me the drama.  The first cloud on all nails was Orly - Purple Crush, then Revlon - Royal as the blue tips and Aloof as the white tip.

This ended up being a really quick and easy mani, and it's so fun!  I then used a new top coat.. Revlon Quick Dry which was NOT supposed to cause shrkinage but whooooey, I woke up to nearly every single nail having some shrinkage, which made me incredibly sad :(  But I fixed them up and was happy again.

Revlon - Aloof
OPI - Sparrow me the Drama
Orly - Purple Crush
Revlon - Royal

Have you ever attempted the cloudicure?  
Thanks for looking :)


  1. So cute!! I tagged you for 3 awards!!

  2. These are great! Nailside's clouds are high on my list of things to try! I love your color combination! Revlon's royal is such a great blue.


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