Thursday, February 16, 2012

PCFSC: Favourite Spring Pink

Hi Loves,

This is a day late and I apologize but at least it's here, right? :)

I realize that spring is pastels but I'm soo not a pastel person.  I'm all for the jewel/darker tones so I decided to go with a more 'me' pink :)

This pink.. I admired my nails ALL day, it's so vibrant and gorgeous.  It's the new Essie - Tour de Finance, a nice bright pink with some gorgeous shimmer through it.

I gave it a little more sparkle using Orly - Love Each Other, a blue shimmery top coat.

Essie - Tour de Finance
Orly - Love Each Other

Thanks for having a looksie :)


  1. I love this colour! My spring pink post was late too, you're not alone :) x

  2. Ugh I think I want this Essie It looks great on you!


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