Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gradient + Zebra Stripes

Hey everyone!

I'm excited about showing you today's post.  This was my first polish gradient ever, and my first decent try at a full nail stamp.. and I really liked the outcome.  I have issues with my polish chipping so this only lasted 2 days, but now that I've learned to wrap my tips and I'm more careful with my SV top coat (read: no more shrinkage!) my manis will hopefully last a little bit longer.

Alright.. no more words, just pictures:

What I used
Sally Hansen: Diamond Strength
Color Club: Dress for the Parade
Color Club: Not Just for Kelly Green
Color Club: Boys Wear Blue
Color Club: Express Yourself
Nicole by OPI: Make a Comet-Ment
GOSH:  Deep Purple
GOSH: Silver
Sinful Colors: Red Ocean
Seche Vite

I painted my entire nails yellow, then created the gradient using a makeup sponge and first applied the green, then the blue, then the purple (all from CC).  For my accent nail I put 2 coats of  Deep Purple.  I let them dry, then stamped the zebra print using OPI black onyx (which I just now realize I forgot to add in the photo), and silver on the accent nails.  I added the NOPI to all fingers except the accent finger where I added Red Ocean, then covered it all with a nice coat of SV.  Voila!

Weird photo, but I wanted to show off the holo-ness of the NOPI glitters.. they're SO pretty!

If you look closely there are already chips and tip wear, and this was taken maybe 24 hours after it was done.  So frustrating, but I'm hoping that wrapping my tips will fix this!  If not.. I'll blame it on the lab work.. Being a lab rat isn't really conducive to a long lived mani.

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