Friday, November 25, 2011

Current Nails: Slight duochrome + Stamping & Glitters!

Hey everyone!

I have been super swamped lately with school (my last credit for my masters degree!!), and I haven't had much time to post.. I even have some manis where I didn't take a single photo!  Sigh.

These are my current nails.. tipwear and all.  I'm on day 3.. it'll likely come off after the boy and I put the Christmas tree up tonight (I'M SO EXCITED!)

What I used:
Sally Hansen: Diamond Strength
Wet 'n Wild: Gray's Anatomy
Sally Hansen Insta-Dry: Emerald Express
Color Club: Holiday Splendor (From the Beyond the Mistletoe collection)
OPI - Park de Triomphe
GOSH - Gold
OPI - RapiDry Top Coat

I painted all nails except for accent nail with Gray's Anatomy, accent nail of Emerald Express, and did a glitter gradient on accent using Park de Triomphe.  I left it like that for one day, then stamped all nails using Emerald Express with a bundle monster plate.  And hid some of my stamping mistakes using CC Holiday Splendor on the tips.  There is also a gold star stamped on my accent nail but it's hard to see :P
Now.. I'm still trying to prefect my stamping.. every single nail turned out crooked!  At least it was consistently crooked haha.  Gray's Anatomy is pretty, I just wish the duochrome showed up better on the nails.  You can kind of see it but it's not as obvious as it is in the bottle.

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!  I'm in Canada so ours has come and gone a little while ago :)

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  1. I LOVE this! I pinned it on Pinterest! Love your blog :)



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