Thursday, February 13, 2014

My first Water Marble

Hi all!

I did it!  I finally, finally mustered up the nerves to try water marbling after my sister asked me about it.  I've always been so intimidated by the idea of it but for my first try I was actually pretty happy with the end result!


I started out with a white base, then using Color Club - Express Yourself, Puccie-licious, Lavendarling & Warhol I created the bulls eye and just kinda of went shape happy having no idea what I was really doing.

I really liked these colours together!  I made the mistake of not watching tutorials before hand though and I had no idea how to get a nice design so but!  they still looked pretty cool I think :)

Happy Thursday!  What are everyone's plans for Valentine's tomorrow?  My guy and I have spent all but one Valentine's day apart thanks to the military and tomorrow is no exception so I'll be getting together with one of my girlfriends instead :)  I'm okay with that!

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