Sunday, November 10, 2013

Zoya Dream & Payton

Good morning :)

I've recently cut back a lot on my polish buying - mainly because I find a lot of the new shades are a lot like some I already have or I just don't feel that strong pull of needing a certain polish lately.  Granted my wish list on Nail Polish Canada is ever growing, but I also have a big wedding to pay for (my family is huge) and I just can't justify spending too much money on polish when it could go towards something wedding related.  Sigh.  What a dilemma :P

But when I saw the new amazingly sparkly Zoya polishes in the Christmas collection I knew they were eventually going to be mine :P

 Zoya Dream is such a perfect polish.  It's a a beautiful shade of blue jam packed with sparkly bits - and it's squishy so even after a second coat you still see the holographic particles peak through.  I wish the photos better represented just how beautiful and glittery this polish is.

On my accent I have Zoya Payton, a dark purple jelly with the same scattered holo effect as Dream (and as Aurora, Blaze and Storm from last year's Holiday collection).  The base is a little bit more opaque though so the shimmer doesn't peak through as much as it does in Dream but it's still a beautiful must-have polish.

I also topped off my accent nail with OPI Pure 18k White Gold & Silver Top Coat.. I couldn't help myself.  I have the yellow gold topper so I just had to buy it's white gold twin.  What you see is two thin coats, but I find it's a bit more packed with flakes than the yellow gold one.

Unfortunately, maybe 4 days after receiving this from Nail Polish Canada, I found it at Winner's for $19.99.  I may or may not have swore a little bit under my breath, all the while my sister pointed and laughed at me, scooped it up and brought it home with her.  For $15 less than what I paid.  haha.  Serves me right for being impatient, but I still say it was worth it ;)

Have you picked up any holiday polishes yet?  Most collections are hard to resist this time of year but I'm resisting so far, save for these 3 polishes :)

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