Friday, November 8, 2013

Half Moon + Stamping using Sinful Leather Luxe polishes

Remember when I mentioned having a nail girl meetup in Halifax before I moved back to Ontario?  We had a secret swap, and I ended up getting two of the Sinful Color Leather Luxe polishes.  After watching them on the nail wheel I decided I had to get two more :P

I created a half moon mani using a base of Sinful Color Get it On as the base, which is a berry matte creme polish.  I topped that off with Sinful Color My Turn, a lovely elephant grey.

There was a top coat that came in the display, I ended up getting it in the swap as well so I tried it out here.  It actually looks really good - it's not super shiny but it gave the matte polish just enough shine.

Then, because I had recently gotten my Pueen stamping plates - this happened.  I don't remember the plate number as this mani was done a couple of months ago now, but it's from the Love Elements set.

I felt like there was maybe too much going on with this mani so it didn't last too long :)

Have you tried the Leather Luxe polishes?  I don't give Sinful Color enough of a chance.. the few polishes I have I actually really like.  Maybe I should buy some more ;)

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