Thursday, October 10, 2013

Incoco Nail Appliques - In Bloom

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A while back I was given the opportunity to review some nail applique's from Incoco and posted about the first set of strips here.  This is the second set that I've tried out, and I have to say.. I love them.

I'm realllly sorry about the quality of this photo.. The man and I were on our house hunting trip and living out of hotel with terrible lighting.. which resulted in the following horrible pic.

Instructions on how to properly apply these can be found on Incoco's website, HERE.

These particular strips are called In Bloom, "One of nature's first signs of spring, Cherry Blossoms over a pink base make this nail design light and airy."

I started off by wiping my nails with acetone.  They recommend buffing but I didn't have a buffing block with me so I skipped that part .  Each package has two sheets of eight double ended appliques so finding a perfect size for your nails is pretty easy.  Once I sized them up, I peeled off the protective plastic, removed the applique from the backing and easily pressed them on to my nails using either my finger or the provided orange wood stick, and filed off the excess.

After 3 or 4 days of wear, this is what they looked like.  I filed my nails down a teeny little bit which actually made the strips look better.  The only noticeable chip was on my pinky, and I'm pretty sure I aided that by subconciously picking at it on the plane ride back home.  Oops

However, this is what my right hand looked like.  This is my dominant hand so I use it a lot more than my left.  There was no dishwashing when I wore these because I wasn't home for the week.. They just cracked and chipped super quickly.  I don't remember the first strips doing this so it may just be the dry hotel air, or something I did (like not buffing, maybe?)

Regardless.. these are great when you're not home and don't have access to all of your nail supplies but still want something cute and artsy to wear on your nails :)

Removal on these was a breeze, I just used regular acetone like I would on any other manicure!

These appliques retail for $8.99CAD over at the Incoco website, and there are a ton of cute designs to choose from.  Shipping is free on any purchase over $50 :)
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 * Product provided for my honest review

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