Wednesday, May 30, 2012

POTTERthon: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Hi all!

Already on book three of the Harry Potter series.  This was a really good book (although I still think book 4 was my absolute favourite).  We're introduced to Professor Lupin, who ends up playing a big role in the following books, Dementors also have a huge presence in this book, and Harry eventually learns how to fight them using the Patronus Charm.  Harry mysteriously gets a Firebolt 2000 as his broom broke, but they fear that Sirius Black is after him and therefore the broom is confiscated until he discovers that Sirius is 'family' and is innocent in Harry's parents death, and through a time-turning device Harry saves Sirius from Dementors.  Phew.  A lot happened!

So for this book I chose to highlight some of recurring items and themes.  On my index finger is the amazing Firebolt 2000, the brook that gives Harry a lot more speed during his Quidditch matches. On my middle finger is Prongs, the stag patronus that saves Sirius' life from the Dementors.  On my ring finger is a dementor, all black and scary and life sucking, and the pinkie represents Sirius Black as he's seen throughout the book as a big black dog.

A lot of writing for one teeny picture :)  Stay tuned for book 4 shown tomorrow and don't forget to check out the manis the six other lovely ladies came up with today:

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  1. This is great i love the detail here. The broom and dementor is my favourite!

  2. great stuff xx i wasn't brave enough to do stags lol

  3. Oooh! These are fantastic! Great job! Awesome choices for polishes too!

  4. Ooh! Another great mani! Love this one! Prongs! <3

  5. AWESOME JOB! Your creativity is fantastic.


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