Thursday, May 31, 2012

POTTERthon: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Hi lovelies

This book was my absolute favourite!  It was so action packed. I loved the idea of the Tri-wizard tournament and the addition of characters that were not from Hogwarts.  In this book, Harry somehow gets his name drawn out of the Goblet of Fire and is therefore magically bound to participate in the Tri-wizard tournament despite being too young.   Numerous difficult tasks have to be completed in order to win the tournament.

Because the bulk of the book is based on the tournament, I decided to base my mani on this.  The index finger shows Harry's name on a ballot that someone entered into the Goblet of Fire.

On my middle finger is the tail of the dragon that Harry had to fight in order to get a clue for the second task of the tournament.  He used his flying skills to beat the dragon and get an egg that reveals to him he will have to reclaim something special from a lake.  Which leads to my ring finger, where I painted gills.  Harry eats gillyweed, which gives him gills and fins in order for him to swim freely underwater.

Finally in the third task, they're thrown into a maze where they have to find the trophy in order to be declared the winner.  Harry gets to the trophy at the same time as his schoolmate Cedric, and both are transported to a graveyard and come face to face with Voldermort.  Yikes!

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  1. awesome! Definitely one of my favorite books, your nails are perfect for it=]

  2. love it all - the goblet is awesome!

  3. Awesome job! And props for putting it in the order of the book! :)

  4. I'm with Kirsten: love that you put them in order. It fulfills my OCD tendancies. ;)

    I love this one too. Go figure.

  5. This is wonderful! I love each nail! Aw it's like a really fast summary of Harry Potter haha


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