Monday, May 28, 2012

POTTERthon: Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone

Hi all!

Today starts the POTTERathon series that myself and six other lovely ladies are taking part in.  For today and the following six days, we will show you manis inspired by the seven Harry Potter books :)  My dear brother introduced me to Harry Potter by buying me the first three books for Christmas.  He also bought me every other book in the series as soon as they came out.  Talk about spoiled :)  (It doesn't hurt that he's 10 years older than me - I got spoiled by my siblings)

Anywho!  Less writing, here's what I came up with for the first book:

For the first mani of the series I decided to go with things that describe Harry Potter himself.  The lightnening bold scar found on his forehead that gives him away to everybody he encounters, a snitch because he becomes Gryffindor's seeker in Quidditch due to his great flying capabilities, his very first wand, made from the same things as Voldermort, and his glasses, of course (which, in most movies have no lense.. lol)

And of course the base of my mani are colours that represent the house he belongs to, Gryffindor :) 

Thanks for having a look and don't forget to check out the other Harry Potter inspired manis that were done today by these lovely ladies:


  1. very clever that you did it all in Gryffindor colours xx and awesome snitch!

  2. So cute and creative! The wand is my favorite! :)

  3. The snitch is great and Harry's wand is just cool. I love the fact you used the Gyffindor colours as your base this is very clever (a why didn't i think of that moment? :P)

  4. Ooh I like these! I love the added "magic" to the wand in the form of glitter! Great touch!

  5. These are great, I'm loving the wand, it looks awesome :)

  6. this looks awesome=] I love the books so much. The movies are definitely something to get excited about too but the books are so freaking great!

    I'm excited for the next six days=]

  7. I love it! Aww that's so sweet. Harry Potter is awesome!

  8. Omigoodness, so cute!! I look forward to the rest of the week!


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