Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stamping Sunday: Plate ending in 7

Hi all :)

It's Stamping Sunday!!  The stamping group vote results were to use a plate ending in 7.  I ended up using BM-207 plate, and a stamp I had yet to use.  I initially tried one of the red angel plates but it covered too much and I didn't like that ;)

I started with a jelly sammich except for the accent nail.  The jelly sammich consisted of FIVE friggin' coats.  I put one coat of OPI - Houston We Have a Purple, a coat of Revlon - Blue Mosaic, another coat of OPI then Revlon - Stunning, and finally a last coat of OPI.  Now.. the accent nail.. Oh. My. Gosh!! I'm so in love with this polish!  It's Lacquistry's Cotton Candy, a polish suspended in a light pink jelly base, and made up of small aqua glitter and medium and large fuchsia hex glitter.   I cannot stop staring at it!

Then I stamped the stripes.  I'm a bit underwhelmed with this mani, to be honest.  It's certainly not my favourite (except for Cotton Candy of course!)

And it doesn't help that half of my pinky didn't get stamped!

Lacquistry - Cotton Candy
OPI - Houston We Have a Purple
Revlon - Blue Mosaic
Revlon - Stunning

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Thanks for looking!


  1. i like it, but i think it looked better before the stripes - i think all the jellyness was too wonderful to put a black stamp over xxx

  2. I found your blog by searching for nail stamping plates with stockinette stitch patterns...We both love nail polish, knitting, AND I'm a molecular biologist lol. We have too much in common...
    I have a knitting blog at come see me.


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