Thursday, January 5, 2012

PCFC: Animal Print

Hey ladies!

I joined the Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge facebook page back in late November to take part in the Christmas nail art challenge, but the group has weekly challenges as well that are resuming now that the holidays are over :)

This week's theme was animal print.  I have never done an animal print mani before, believe it or not.  Even so, I didn't want to just do animal print so instead went with something a bit more flashy and funky!

Essie - Feed Me (which appears have to started to make a difference, although I'm still getting peelies)
GOSH - Silver
OPI - Did it on 'Em
Seche Vite

I love my accent nails, in case you haven't noticed ;)  I hardly do a mani without one!  Anyway, I painted my nails in silver with the accent of Did it on 'Em, let them dry then taped off little triangles (as inspired by Kayla Shevonne's mani here), painted them with the opposite colour then stamped leopard prints on every other finger, and zebra prints on the remaining fingers.

I actually really, really love this mani!  I was aiming for larger triangles but I think this works too.  It looks like animal print trying to work its way out of the base polish or something :P


  1. Julie, this is beyond awesome - love it. xxx

  2. This is great, i wish i had your lovely nails and talent. I also love the green so much :)

  3. Thank you thank you thank you! You girls are the best :)


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