Sunday, August 11, 2013

Mermaid nails

Hi loves,

Long time no blog :/  My life is currently 100% consumed with finishing my grad thesis.  There is an end in sight though so I'm hoping to be back semi regular posting soon-ish.  Today was actually the first time I painted my nails in THREE weeks!

But for now I show you something from the vault.  Mermaid nails I wore to the beach:


I started off with a base of Layla Mermaid Spell then stamped using a Mash plate whose number I can't remember right now, slapped on some top coat and voila! 

 Perfect holo mermaid nails for a gorgeous sunny day at the beach :)


  1. I know the feeling, sometimes blogging takes the back seat to everything else in life. But I'm happy you're back!

  2. So glad to see a post from you! Good luck with your thesis! :D This mani is beautiful!!


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