Thursday, June 13, 2013

Incoco Real Nail Polish Appliqué Review

Hi loves!

Today's post was brought to you Incoco Nail Polish Appliqués.  I was given three fun styles of appliqués to try out:

You can find instructions included in the package, or you can check out a tutorial on their website found HERE .

The first appliques that I chose to use were Sweetie Pie, a cute dotticure.  

I started off by wiping my nails with acetone.  They recommend buffing but I had done some light buffing not too long before using these so I skipped that part.  Each package has two sheets of eight double ended appliques so finding a perfect size for your nails is pretty easy.  Once I sized them up, I peeled off the protective plastic, removed the applique from the backing and easily pressed them on to my nails using either my finger or the provided orange wood stick, and filed off the excess.

These were an absolute breeze to work with.  My only issue was on my pinkie.. the applique actually got stuck to my finger which resulted in a couple of rips, but these didn't interfere with the longevity of it.

A few of these were actually a little too big for my nails, but I took a brush dipped in acetone and wiped it over the extra bits and they very easily dissolved, leaving me with a perfect fit!

Removal was also a breeze, which make these a complete winner in my book!

These appliques retail for $7.99 over at the Incoco website, and there are a ton of cute designs to choose from.  Shipping is currently only available to Canada and the US, and is free on any purchase over $50 :)

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 * Product provided for my honest review


  1. SWEETIE PIE. Seriously. Do nails get any cuter? *dreamy sigh*

    Love them!

  2. I love Incoco! They're my favorite nail strips to use!

  3. Adorable design, and nice to hear they're so easy to work with. These do look very pretty on you.

  4. These are so cute! The other designs are really pretty too!

  5. Awww...this is so cute! I have heard about this but was not yet convinced to try it out. Now I think I wanna try it out. They look so pretty and I like the idea that it lasts long.

  6. These are adorable! I love the Cherry Blossoms! Polish strips are fantastic, but many of the patterns I've seen aren't really my taste. I'd wear any of these though!

  7. They are pretty!

    Anyone know any retail stores that sell Incoco? Do I have to purchase online?

    Thank you :O)


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