Tuesday, June 5, 2012

POTTERthon Roundup

Hi all!

This was supposed to be done yesterday, but.. life got in the way and this was last on my priority list.  Better late than never!  I could do some fancy collage thing for my posts but I'm not that skilled and I have to get to work :)

So here are my 7 manis representing the 7 Harry Potter books:

And here are my favourite ones from each participant:

Abby's Goblet of Fire mani

Sam's Philospher Stone mani:

Emma's Prizoner of Azkaban mani (Hermione's time turner):

Kerrie's Half Blood Prince mani (the potions book):

Debbie's Order of the Pheonix mani (representing the awful Professor Umbridge):

And Bee's Philosopher's Stone mani:

Thanks to all the lovely ladies that participated, and thanks to all of my amazing readers for the great comments I've received :)


  1. I like seeing them all together!


  2. PS: You need to post your email address! That way we can talk shopping secrets. ;)

  3. i like your Deathly Hallows one, hadn't seen that before :) xx

  4. This was such a fun series! I love everyone else's manis too!


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