Monday, March 24, 2014

Born Pretty Snow Flakes Review

Hi all,

This post is kind of delayed seeing as we're now into Spring - however, we got a significant amount of snow on Saturday and I thought I'd pull these out foil snow flakes out before it's too late.  I got these from the Born Pretty Store before Christmas but I just never felt inspired to use them until this weekend.


For this mani I started with Essie Cocktail Bling, which is such a pretty dusty mauve.  Maybe a bit more spring appropriate but I thought the gold snow flakes would look really good paired up with this shade :)

The snowflakes are a thick foil like material that's super pliable, so to get them to fit the curve of my nail I rounded them by pressing them into a nail art brush wand.  I never managed to get them to curve perfectly but it was pretty close! In hindsight I should have fitted them to my nail before I started to polish.  At least I now know this for next time!

These snowflakes can be purchased from the Born Pretty Store by clicking HERE, and don't forget to use coupon code UTL91 for 10% off of your purchase!

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