Friday, October 3, 2014

Poptastic Watermarble

Oh Hey!

She's alive :)

After being tipped off that Winners currently had some Color Club sets in, I drove my butt over there and accidently brought a few home with me, one of which was the new Poptastic collection.

And since it's so beautiful the last few days, I figured I'd break them in and enjoy the last few days of 'summer' with matchy nails :)



I'm so happy with how this water marble turned out.  I avoided even attempting one of these for so so long because I was so intimidated.  Glad I gave it a try though because, hello, amazing nails that I can't stop staring at!

I started with a base of China Glaze Snow and then used all 6 shades in the Poptastic collection; Belle Bottom Babe, Foxy Mama, Kapow!, Not-SO-Mellow Yellow, Peace, Love & Polish and Right On. 

As bright as they look now, they're actually much brighter IRL!

Happy Friday all!

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